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Individual wall design is our passion!

Within the premises of our family company Caspar we have been producing wallpaper since 1886. We are innovative and traditional at the same time - After working with a traditional technique we started to experiment with alternative printing methods in the 1990´s.  Since 2001, we have been the first manufacture using digital printing in a large-scale production.


We switched over to digital printing completely in 2005 and therefore were the first company which revolutionised this kind of printing technique. Due to experience in traditional printing and the knowledge about the transmission to digital printing, we know all the strengths and weaknesses in the world of wallpapers.


Quotation of a customer:
"You solved problems others didn´t even know about."

Jörg Caspar

Technilogical Innovation

We are anxious to break out in a new direction and to break new ground. Thanks to many years of experience and personnel competence, it is possible for us to improve our products continuously. Quality and the improvement of our products are in the centre of our attention. We pursue innovations with scrupulously control to technical implementation and professional looks.

Due to increasing factory equipment and its preventive maintenance we guarantee an up-to-date range of innovative wall design.

Digital printing is our pet issue, with whom we pursue different realisations  like individual fleece wallpapers, fineartprints, self-sticking borders or 3D- wall stickers. 

The combination of IT, design, printing, colours, material, packing and shipping results in our entire production. Despite the automatization in our workflow, we always strive to satisfy the individual needs of our customers and partners.

This is the only way for an individual, on- demand production.

Michael Caspar

Marketing / Sales

To break new ground in the wallpaper market simultaneously means to create new concepts.  We are more of a service provider than being an old-fashioned manufacturer. We do not offer own " collections". Our task is to help our customers implementing their ideas. A customer of ours is basically everybody who owns a wall. Web shops, agencies, hotel chains,  architects, stand builders, artists, designer, traditional producers and private persons are our customers, no matter if it is for advertising purposes, exhibition stand constructions or for private purposes. There is a universal need for our possibilities of individual wall design. It is a wider range than we know from traditional wall design. For some part we rely on "old" contacts, but for the bigger part we open up new markets. Up to now, we restricted advertisement to our customers. Every time our technology was used, it attracted attention. Observes  felt the need to use our wall design for their own purposes. Needless to say, we depend on the observes knowing who the producer is. The aim of our website is to give an insight into our company and to describe all the possibilities we got from our point of view.


Caspar Team

Studio / Production / Office

In order to make everything possible our company is divided into three areas.


In the studio the wishes of the customers and partners are received and transferred so that the digital wall design can to come into existence. Seven workers with a lot of experience and individual skills work with Photoshop,  a self-made Software named "Wallcreator 3.0" and much more in order to realise the customer´s wishes. As a matter of course and with great pleasure the studio undertakes support tasks as well. A customer once said appropriately: "You solved problems others didn´t even know about!"


The amount of data concerning motifs is huge. These data do not only have to be available all the time, it also has to be saved constantly. We accomplish this task by differentiating between "data" and "data protection".  The motifs which are transferred to the printing area are edited to our specifications. For this purpose, we work with a software made due to our specifications. The production itself is integrated in the workflow. Everything developed throughout the years and was adapted to and guided by current tasks. As one of the last wallpaper manufacturer we see our production as skilled crafts and trades. In our company, procedures with machines and within the production are organised and constructed by ourselves. Due to our long-term experience we have the knowhow about IT, design, printing, colours, packing and shipping. The combination of these result in our production.  Despite the automatisation in our workflow, we always strive to satisfy the individual needs of our customers and partners. This is the only way for an individual, on- demand production.


In the production area the data is changed into the requested product. "Digital wallpaper design" is subordinate. We do not only produce wallpapers, but also particular materials like stick-on labels, panels, aluminum/acryl- frames, integrated speaker systems ( yes, we even got this!) or some self-sticking borders. Our textile wall covering is of a special meaning. So motifs can be changed  fast and easily. This allows new marketing approaches for wall design: for the first time it is possible for the customer to style a wall in a different way time after time. One usually decides to keep "traditional" wallpapers for a longer period of time. The textile wall covering called "WallTex" allows you a short-range change of your wall design. An example is a calendar which you change yearly. Also a design related to seasons (Christmas-/ Easter-/ spring-/ world championship- or birthday- motifs) can be realised easily by "WallTex". It is a whole new playing field to explore.


Wall design is much more than wallpaper. And wallpaper in relation to digital printing does not only mean the production of photographic wallpapers!


The office cares for the extremely high amount of customers and manages the orders. Theoretically, every new order and every new customer means a new motif. Practically, we also have partners who order on a regular basis. The mixture is the important part. Suitable to our slogan: Everything is possible because we make it possible!