• Nature's Lullaby

    Nature's Lullaby

    Patchwork wallpaper collage of Patricia Lambertus

    • Artist: Patricia Lambertus
    • Exhibition: Sugar-free
    • Issue: Kunstverein Gera
    • Photos: René Meinig / Patricia Lambertus
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  • art Karlsruhe

    art Karlsruhe

    International Fair for classic Modern

    • Artist: Patricia Lambertus
    • Exhibition: One-Artist-Show Förderkoje
    • Issue: Galerie Hübner & Hübner, Frankfurt am Main
    • Photos: René Meinig / Patricia Lambertus
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  • Picasso Museum

    Picasso Museum

    Exhibitions with our wallpapers

    • Issue: Picasso Museum Münster / Picasso Museum France
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  • Marcus Hansen Möbel

    Marcus Hansen Möbel

    Like the wallpaper found its way to the outside

    • Artist: Markus Benesch
    • Object: Marcus Hansen - Office Living Object
    • Issue: Munich
    • Wallpapers used: about 90 m²
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  • Reflection II

    Reflection II

    Space reflection - calculated by Daniela Friebel and printed by us

    • Artist: Daniela Friebel
    • Exhibition: Hab & Gut
    • Issue: Kunsthalle Rostock
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  • Reflection I

    Reflection I

    Reflection or optical illusion?

    • Artist: Daniela Friebel
    • Exhibition: 2nd International Festival for Photography
    • Issue: F/Stop, Leipzig
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  • Room


    Mathematical calculation meets professional photography

    Artist: Daniela Friebel

    Exhibition: Diploma defense Photography

    Issue: Basement of the gallery Eigen+Art, Leipzig


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